DfE response about the schools national funding formula.

Very helpful, thought-provoking and utterly depressing piece from Sandra. If this was not so serious, it would be funny. The NAO constantly deride the DfE – and this shows why!

Sandra Leaton Gray

I wrote to the DfE recently, pointing out that the largely urbanised model the Government continues to use in calculating school funding penalises schools and pupils in deprived rural areas, such as East Fenland in Cambridgeshire, to quote one example. Here we have the reply. I am relieved that switching energy providers and photocopier contracts will apparently solve the problem at one fell swoop. Who knew?

Dear Ms Leaton Gray

Thank you for correspondence regarding the schools national funding formula.

The government has protected the core schools budget in real terms overall. This year, it is the largest ever on record, totalling over £40 billion. This is set to increase to £42 billion by 2019-20 as pupil numbers rise over the next two years.

The current funding system is, however, based on data that is a decade or more out of date and does not support the government’s ambition for…

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